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Guest List -- Sunday, January 10

Small Business & Technology

In this special edition of "Your Business," we'll take a look some of the new technologies entrepreneurs can utilize to grow their small businesses. We'll also meet two business owners who are dealing with the dilemma of community resistance to technology.

Mike and Karl Bergey are nothing if not survivors. Today, while their Oklahoma City-based wind turbine business is booming due to interest in renewable energy sources and federal tax credits, they face resistance from local community zoning laws which restrict the use of their products. This is not the first time the Bergeys have gone through a cycle of boom and bust. Back in the 1970's during the oil crisis, alternative energy sources such as wind turbines were a promising new industry and the Bergeys' new business flourished. Then came an oil glut in the 90's and the entire industry was wiped out…everyone except for Bergey Wind Power, who found new markets overseas. The green movement has helped their business recover domestically, but they must deal with the ongoing problem community resistance to their technology. Find out how the Bergeys are dealing with this tricky issue.


--Nell Merlino, President and CEO of Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence, a national not-for-profit provider of online business loans and resources for women to grow their businesses.

--Paul Lewis, a serial entrepreneur who has founded four businesses, two of which went public and were purchased by Fortune 500 companies.

Small Biz Tech: Best of CES

All kinds of new gadgets are being unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Lance Ulanoff, Vice President of Content and Editor-In-Chief of PC Magazine Network, shows off some of the coolest new tech tools that can help you manage your business.

Business War Chest: Google TV Ads

How can small business owners create an effective TV advertising campaign without breaking the bank on an agency or media buyer? Google TV Ads can help you do just that. For years, Jason Apfel, founder of fragrance retailer FragranceNet.com, used DRTV and found it to be very inefficient. He decided to switch to Google TV Ads and has found this method to be cheaper, easier and more effective. Apfel will show us how he creates and manages his campaigns.