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Guest List -- Sunday, December 6

The Startup Show

In a turbulent economy with a national unemployment rate that tops 10%, many people are getting into business for themselves, either by choice or necessity. In this special edition of "Your Business," we'll discuss everything you need to know to launch your own business. We'll see how Kim and Mark Benson started a bagel business two years ago with all of their remaining personal savings, and have quickly developed a loyal following. We'll also re-visit the stories of Stacey Koerner and Janice Moskoff and see how they used their professional experiences in the fashion industry to start their own businesses.


--Erica Duignan-Minnihan, CEO of Minnihan Consulting, which provides financial advisory services to early stages companies looking to raise equity capital for expansion

--Gene Marks, President of The Marks Group, a firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses

Dollars & Sense: Roadmap to Startup

Rich Sloan, co-founder of StartupNation, a site that provides guidance for entrepreneurs, discusses the most important steps people can take when starting a business.

Elevator Pitch

Deborah Ross, CEO of Deborah Ross Designs, pitches her line of personalized heirloom wine bags to the panel. Deborah is looking for capital to invest in a major sales push and hire a sales force.